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Getting Started

Simply connect your Asana account and choose a tag to start managing Asana tasks on your WordPress site.

Table of Contents

  1. Install the Plugin
  2. Connect Your Asana Account
  3. Set a Site Tag

Install the Plugin

Completionist may be installed by extracting the zip file contents into your wp-content/plugins/ directory or by using the built-in WordPress plugin installer:

  1. Download the Completionist WordPress plugin for free from the Purple Turtle Creative website.
  2. Log into your WordPress admin area and navigate to Plugins > Add New.
  3. Click Upload Plugin at the top of the screen.
  4. Upload the Completionist zip file and click Install Now.
  5. Activate the plugin once the plugin is installed successfully.

Connect Your Asana Account

  1. Navigate to the Completionist settings screen by clicking Completionist toward the bottom of your WordPress admin menu.
  2. In a new browser window, sign into your Asana account and visit your Asana developer console.
  3. Click to generate a new access token at the bottom of your Asana developer console and follow the prompts.
  4. Back in Completionist, paste your Personal Access Token into the Asana Connect form, agree to let Completionist perform actions in your Asana account on your behalf, and click Authorize.
  5. Once successfully connected, you’ll now be able to access Completionist’s settings.

Set a Site Tag

The final step to get started using Completionist is to set a “site tag”. A site tag is required to use Completionist to avoid hitting API limits and to ensure only relevant tasks are displayed.

  1. In the Completionist settings screen, find the workspace settings section.
  2. Choose an Asana workspace. After making your selection, the tag options will be retrieved for selection.
  3. Once the tag options for your chosen workspace have loaded, choose the tag that Completionist will use to associate Asana tasks to your WordPress site.
  4. Click Save to confirm your chosen workspace and site tag.