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Dashboard Widget

See task progress and quickly access all outstanding tasks on your WordPress dashboard to stay active and focused.

Table of Contents

  1. Review Progress
  2. Filter Tasks
  3. Access Content
  4. View More Tasks (Pagination)
  5. View All Site Tasks
  6. Manage Tasks

Review Progress

The top of the Completionist dashboard widget displays the number of incomplete site tasks (Asana tasks with the site tag).

Below that, a progress bar displays the number of completed site tasks out of the total number of site tasks.

Filter Tasks

By default, all incomplete tasks with the site tag are listed, and tasks are ordered by due date with the most urgent tasks at the top.

Below the progress header are four task list filters with the number of tasks each filter contains. To view all incomplete tasks again, click the progress header.

The four available filters are:

  • Pinned – tasks that have been pinned to the content on the site
  • General – tasks with the site tag that have not been pinned to content on the site
  • Critical – tasks that are past due or due within 7 days
  • My Tasks – tasks that have been assigned to the current user

Access Content

Each listed task has a button on its right to help you quickly get to work on the task.

Pinned tasks have a blue button to edit the associated post.

General site tasks have a grey button to view the task in Asana.

View More Tasks (Pagination)

To view more tasks, use the pagination controls in the grey footer of the widget.

Click a number to view a particular page or use the “previous” and “next” arrow buttons.

Up to 10 tasks are displayed per page by default.

View All Site Tasks

In the very bottom-right of the Completionist dashboard widget, there’s a chainlink icon. Click it to view all site tasks in Asana. This links to the site tag list of tasks in Asana.

Manage Tasks

The dashboard widget uses the same format as the Pinned Tasks metabox. See managing pinned tasks to understand features of the task list.